Dry Aged Beef専門但馬屋


The beginning of a new Food Culture with an exquisite combination of gifts from the Sea (sea urchin) and Land (Beef).
The taste from this luxurious collaboration brings about an addictive rich and smooth texture all the way down the throat.
The flavor of the ocean from the sea urchin and the sweetness of the beef
Too much sea urchin would ruin the taste, as well as too much beef
Only the perfect quantity of both performs this unique harmony
The key to accentuate the flavor is the specially marinated egg yolk
Its appearance with gold leaf sprinkled, only makes it even more appealing
It's recommended at the beginning of a toast with beer, white wine, or Japanese sake

A restaurant where you can eat Uniku tartare.


At our restaurant, we have permission from the public health center and provide real beef tartare.
What is beef tartare?
We don't use the packaged beef tartare that has become popular recently, but we provide specially selceted meat with germfree vacuum applied at a meat processing plant that is approved by the health center, and it is hand-sliced, the traditional way.
The approval of the health center comes with the responsibility of having specialized things for beef tartare, including storage, place for slicing, boiling equipment, kitchen knives, and cutting board.
The reason why other yakiniku restaurants cannot provide beef tartare is that first of all it is hard to get meat that is edible in its raw state.
Even if they get the meat, they have to have a special refrigerator, space, and compartment and it is not easy to arrange the necessary facilities.
Even in our company we serve beef tartare at only three restaurants.

A restaurant where you can eat Tajimaya beef tartare.