Dry Aged Beef専門但馬屋

Dry Aged Beefとは

We have committed ourselves to deliver the wishes of our customers who want to enjoy real tasty beef as our mission , and have been thinking what type of meat is suitable for that on a daily basis.
We used to consider that the best way to seek for the tasty beef is that we should care much about premium branded cattle, cows, grade A5, and had provided those.
The secret of the taste is especially to raise them for a long time of period.
It means that we develop them fully while they are still alive.
For some time we became unable to keep them for a long term.
Then a few years ago, it led us discover Dry-aging beef to seek further quality taste.
Then we came to the conclusion 『3 beef aging methods』

We would like to provide you better taste beef by processing it with the 3 aging methods depending on the cattle on that day and the parts.

3 beef aging methods

  • ・Dry aging
    Beef is placed in storage to age for about 50 days. This aging method enables to enhance the taste of all the parts.We maintain certain level of「Temperature」「Humidity」「Wind」thoroughly and concentrate the taste of it.
  • ・Wet aging
    It is an aging method that meat is hung as a carcass for certain amount of time till it gets more tender, then cut and divided into parts, and aged in a vacuum.We finish it tenderly by maintaining moisture of it.
  • ・Living body aging
    It is an aging method that beef cattle are raised over 30 months in the same way as the grapes for high end wine are, moisture is evaporated from living body organism to the limit and it concentrates the taste and sweetness of it's own.Tajimaya calls it the complete Dry-aging beef.

A restaurant where you can eat dry aged beef.