Dry Aged Beef専門店 但馬屋


但馬屋 EC Shop

Tajimaya E-Ma

Launched at a building primarily containing fashion-related stores conveniently near the station
Intimate private rooms are available, and the inside of the restaurant has atmosphere.
We can provide a room scaled to the number of guests, from two to a large group.

Restaurant Information

Charcoal-grilled Yakiniku Tajimaya E-ma

Address 〒530-0001
Umeda 1-12-6 E-ma 5F, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Access subway Tanimachi Line Higashiumeda, 2 min by foot
Hanshin Main Line Umeda station, 2 min by foot
JR Osaka station, 10 min by foot
Hankyu Line Umeda station, 10 min by foot
Telephone number06-6440-1129


Business Hours 11:00~15:00(L.O.14:00)
Days Closed Open Every Day
Total number of seats available 72
Maximum number of people for banquets 24
Reservation Reservations for a party of four or more
※Reservations can be made over the phone

There may be a large number of people coming to the restaurant, so we ask that you stay for a maximum of two hours.

Fine items that are our pride

  • Wasabi to go with thigh meat!
    It brings out the meat's underlying sweetness.

  • If you want steak, have a sirloin, meat of splendid quality!

  • The ultimate diaphragm chateaubriand!
    Premium Skirt Steak

  • Quality level A5, Tajima beef's lineage has been chosen by an expert

  • Rare steak, thigh meat, beef tartare style

  • Ultimate tongue root. The mustard soy sauce is excellent!

  • We have an array of offal made possible by getting fresh ingredients for supplies.

  • Fried front ribs with grated Japanese radish.
    Be sure to spread out your grated radish!

  • Meat that connects from the rump to the butt, soft and juicy!

  • Figure Sliced Sirloin

  • Standard Yakiniku Menu
    Dry Aged Beef Ribs

  • The chief cook will choose the recommended meats of the day and make an assortment.

  • Healthy Yakiniku with Vegetables.
    Tajimaya Salad

  • The sommelier will propose a wine to go with your meat.