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The challenge of Tajimaya 創業1970年 「肉質」「鮮度」「価格」に挑戦

  • Have you ever tasted sweetness in beef?
    Good beef is sweet.
    At Tajimaya, we offer you "super dry aged beef" where quality taste is condensed, so that you can experience true quality taste.
    "Super dry aged beef" is a kind of beef where there is a sign of maturation called "o" where a part of the meat has changed color.
    Under careful management, the protein is broken up, the amino acid components that cause the good taste are amplified, and the dry aging takes place thoroughly over a month and a half.
    "Temperature," "humidity," and "air"…from these three points, the dry aged beef really becomes sweet.
    Please enjoy our juicy and tender dry aged beef at our restaurant.

  • "Good beef is good, regardless of what part." This is the resolve of Tajimaya.
    Certainly the taste quality of popular parts such as sirloin and fillet is a guarantee, but actually shank meat and thigh meat are also a "perfected" taste.
    Because Tajimaya has the meat quality from one whole cow, and knows the best way to cut each part, as well as the proper thickness and preparation method, you can enjoy a "variety of tastes from different parts."

  • Compared to normal yakiniku restaurants which get supplies of meat by parts,Tajimaya gets a supply of an entire Japanese black cow.
    Purchasing an entire animal means that a variety of parts are contained in the menu, requiring specialized cutting techniques, but on the other hand, we can lower the price of popular parts such as sirloin and fillet.
    At Tajimaya, to provide the best female Kobe Beef/Sendai Beef/Yamagata Beef mainly, we do not by any means begrudge our time and effort.

  • At Tajimaya, we have a menu that displays a variety of meat parts, and we will make a combination instantly from the order that you prefer.
    From all of the parts that are ready on that day, you can choose the meats that you prefer and their order and quantities in combination, and we will provide a special course just for you with top quality meat.
    During ordering, if you say "I'll leave the order up to you," then we will bring something immediately.
    Just as a wine sommelier recommends the wine to go with a meal, a "meat sommelier" will be at your service.

  • At Tajimaya, before going to the cattle auction we always go to the farm to check on how the cows are growing. What we check for is who is the boss cow!
    Cows always choose a boss, and the boss has the least stress, so they grow well and become good tasting beef.
    Of course, we check meticulously the distribution of manure in cowsheds of breeding/fattening farms, and we spare no pains from the perspective of safety.

  • What kind of atmosphere is best suited for your meal? Please choose our restaurant.
    For receptions, as a couple, with your colleagues, or with your family…
    Towards our customers who use our restaurant in a variety of situations, we at Tajimaya have the mission of being "a restaurant where you can take those who are special to you."
    So that customers can spend their valuable time at Tajimaya, feeling that it is the best place to be, we offer hospitality according to the occasion, providing the utmost in comfort and security.
    Please choose the restaurant from Tajimaya Umeda/Senri/Higashi Mikuni/EMa/Shinsaibashi/Fujiya/LUXE, Hot Plate Dishes & Wine Tajimaya, etc. and enjoy yourself.

  • From its establishment in 1970, "Tajimaya" which only had 8 seats has changed along with succeeding generations.
    Constant change is also the result of our uncompromising efforts to heighten customer satisfaction.
    And yet some things never change.
    That's what it means to be a "restaurant where one wants to bring special people."
    This especially is a mission of Tajimaya that will never change no matter how much time passes by.

  • At Tajimaya, we display the "calf registration certificate" of the beef we serve on that day.
    The registration certificate is like the family tree of the cow.
    Parents/grandparents/great-grandparents: three generations of the lineage are shown.
    Actually this "lineage" is a great factor that determines the flavor of the beef.
    Knowing the meat quality according to lineage makes it possible to determine quality beef.

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